David Schwimmer Directs A Movie About A Rape

When I heard that David Schwimmer had directed a movie premiering at the Toronto Film Festival, I assumed it would be a humorous documentary about paleontologists or a romantic comedy about a guy named Russ who’s in love with a woman named Bachel. But I was surprised to see that Schwimmer’s movie is neither of the above. In fact, “Trust” is about maybe the last topic I would’ve guessed Schwimmer would be interested in—rape. Apparently, Schwimmer has been volunteering at the Rape Foundation in Santa Monica, California, for years. While working there, he started developing the story for “Trust.” It’s about a 14-year-old girl who meets a fellow volleyball enthusiast in a chat room. He says he’s 16. Then 20. Then 25. He invites her to a motel room—she’s so into him that she obliges—and it turns out that he’s older than her father. Her parents in the movie—played by Clive Owen and Catherine Keener—are left to pick up the pieces.

Schwimmer says that he interviewed families of victims in similar situations and talked to FBI agents about online predators and was surprised by what he found. “A lot of these guys are married, have families. It’s more frightening than the predator that’s usually depicted in films, which is this weird, greasy loner that lives alone or with mom,” Schwimmer said. “The fact is that they are teachers, they are coaches, they’re priests, they’re professionals, they’re pediatricians.”

I’ll definitely be seeing this one. Though all Schwimmer really had to do to get me to buy a ticket was say, “Clive Owen and Catherine Keener.” [Huffington Post]