Snooki Nixes Pouf To “Look More Mature”—What Have You Done To Look Older?

Pouf of Snooki, we hardly knew ye. You came into our lives, entertained us, and then vanished in what seemed like the blink of an eye. As we saw at the MTV Video Music Awards, the guidette has gotten rid of her signature pouf hairstyle, apparently in favor of a more “mature” look. She says, ““I want to look more mature. The pouf—I’ve been wearing it since I was 16, so why not switch it up?” We were thinking the change was actually working until Snooki kind of contradicted herself: “Now I have bangs. I haven’t had bangs since I was seven, so this is weird.” Leave it to Snooki to put her foot in it. Anyway, this got us thinking—what were some of the funny things we did (or, um, still do) to look older? After the jump, Frisky editors chime in. [People StyleWatch]

“I definitely think chopping off my epically long locks in favor of the bob with bangs that I have now has given me a more polished, mature look—that is, when I bother to do my hair. I don’t aim to look “more mature” now because I’m 30 and that is no longer the goal, but when I was younger, I always founds that a blazer and a little eyeliner went a long way. I also stopped sucking on a pacifier.” – Amelia

“When I was in high school I dotted on a small black beauty mark on my left cheek. People became so used to seeing it that when I stopped wearing it, my grandmother asked my mom if I had my mole removed.” – Annika

“I admit to occasionally wearing fake glasses.” – Leo

“I finally got rid of the nose ring I had had since I was 16.” – Ami

“I’m 30, but look young. So I try to limit the following items to one-at-a-time: Zebra print, studs of any sort, smokey eye done with blue/green/purple.” – Kate

“I have big brown eyes and big round cheeks. There is nothing I can do to look more mature.” – Jessica

So, fess up! Leave your own in the comments!

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