Lindsay Lohan To Maybe Host “Saturday Night Live”

We’ve given Lindsay Lohan oodles of suggestions for things she can do to get her career back on track after her stint in jail, some time in rehab, and a possible baby stroller hit-and-run last week. But, apparently, Lindsay doesn’t need our help. LiLo is currently in talks to host “Saturday Night Live” on December 4th. This would surely be a good move. It would show people her funny, charming side instead of the teary-eyed, “f**k u” you fingernail-wearing side we remember from her court appearances. And it would show casting directors that she can show up and perform on command. Plus, we’re sure she’d be super good. After all, her skit with Chelsea Handler at the VMAs was pretty darn hilarious and she proved that she doesn’t mind making fun of her current state of affairs.

Lindsay has had practice at the “SNL” gig—she also hosted in 2004 and 2006. Here’s hoping Lorne Michaels gives her a third shot. [NY Daily News]