How To Get The Chevron Stripe Manicure At Jose Duran

Ignore the alien-like makeup from the Jose Duran spring 2011 fashion show, and instead focus on the black and white chevron stripe nails. Pattie Yankee and the Dashing Diva team created this bold French-like manicure to complement the androgynous tone of Jose Duran’s collection. The manicurist used rounded press-on nails for the female models, but kept nails short and painted for the males. I think the women’s talons elongate the fingers, but even if you prefer shorter nails, you can still recreate this manicure for yourself. All you need is a steady hand or a friend with one. Get the details on the chevron stripe manicure after the jump.

Yankee and her team first painted the entire nail using Dashing Diva The Met, a white polish, as a base. Then, they used Limo Service, a black, to create the chevron stripe.

I think it’s best to outline the upside-down V first. The lowest points of the V should hit about a third of the way down the nail bed. Then, fill in the rest of the tips with the black polish. Finish with a shiny top coat.

I can see Simcha rocking this chevron French manicure with all her retro clothes, red lipstick, and pompadour. It’s a bold manicure that isn’t too in-your-face for a creative office.