Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From The Drums To The Walkmen

This Tuesday, the tuneage truck dropped the mother lode of mp3 hotness. The last couple weeks in Record Town have been slow. But, bam! Today there are so many awes albums my mind has been blown … and so has my music budget. This week, Weezer, Chromeo, The Drums, Le Savy Fav, Trey Songz, Brandon Flowers, Black Mountain, Black Angels, Of Montreal and The Walkmen, are all giving us something we can feel. So get those headphones on, girl, because it’s about to get all kinds of rad!

Weezer, Hurley
The Emmys might have snubbed “Lost,” but pop-tastic machines Weezer wuv Hurley so much, he’s on the cover. Plus, the record is as sweet as he is.

Trey Songz, Passion, Pain & Pleasure
The new R. Kelly, and I’m just going on this freaky a** video clip alone.

Brandon Flowers, Flamingo
The Killers frontman strikes out on his own and this is my analogy about that: The Killers is to beer as Brandon Flowers is to Lite Beer.

Black Mountain, Wilderness Heart
Hey, Jessica Wakeman, add these rockers to your next ”Canucks We’d Like To … You Know”.


Black Angels, Phosephene Dream
Retro, psych-y hard rock.

The Walkmen, Lisbon
Their fifth rad record, now with some Portuguese flava.

The Drums, The Drums
Their highly anticipated full-length is so bitchin’, so Brooklyn.

Of Montreal, False Priest
Pop for hipsters who like to smile.

Le Savy Fav, Root For Ruin
Groovy indie pop that’s fun for the whole family!

Chromeo, Business Casual
If this band doesn’t make you want to dance, there’s no booty-shakin’ hope for you!