12 Reality TV Stars Who Got Post-Fame Boob Jobs

reality tv boobs shayne jpg
Rumor has it — and photos strongly suggest — that Shayne Lamas, illustrious daughter of famed actor Lorenzo Lamas, former-step-daughter of Shauna “Empress of Lucite” Sand, and ex-fiance of British “Bachelor” Matt Grant, has gotten a boob job! Shayne, in addition to her winning appearance on “The Bachelor,” also starred alongside daddy dearest on their reality show, “Leave It To Lamas.” Guess she saved up enough of those reality TV paychecks to make a solid investment, eh? Shayne isn’t the first reality TV star to go big (in the chest department) before she could be sent home, back to obscurity. Here are 11 more small-screen nobodies who got breast implants before their 15 minutes timed out …
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