The MTV VMAs: The Night Of The Duet

Last night was the biggest night of the year for MTV—the 2010 Video Music Awards. And rather than bombard us with girl-on-girl kisses or butts in faces, MTV decided to keep things classy and make the show the night of the duet. From Eminem and Rihanna to Drake and Mary J. Blige, which pairing was best? Our take after the jump. During the pre-show, Nicki Minaj performed her duet with, “Check it Out,” on the white carpet. We loved Nicki’s pink hair and purple jazzercise-tastic ensemble. And we thought it was super cute how much Justin Bieber and Drake enjoyed the performance.

The big show kicked off with Eminem performing “Not Afraid,” in a black hoodie in front of a gaggle of drummers. Midway through, Rihanna appeared on a stage in a white tutu across the audience to chime in on “Love the Way You Lie.” Guess they were going for an angel/demon thing? The song is about an abusive relationship, which would explain why Rihanna seemed so morose.

We already showed you Chelsea Handler and Lindsy Lohan teaming up. No, they didn’t break into song—but Lindsay did confront Chelsea about her drinking. “Then why is your ankle bracelet going off?” asks Lindsay. “Oh, that just means my table is ready at the Cheesecake Factory,” responds Chelsea. Hilarious.

The next duet of the night was Drake with Mary J. Blige, backed by Swizz Beatz on the piano. We loved the old-school nightclub feel of the number, because Drake is pretty “Fancy.”

Next dynamic duo, err trio, of the night was Bruno Mars and Hayley Williams of Paramore helping out B.o.B with a medley. Eh.

How freaking cute was it when Cher strolled on stage in her “If I Could Turn Back Time” thong bodysuit to present the award for “Video of the Year?” When Lady Gaga won it for “Bad Romance,” she said, “I never thought I’d be asking Cher to hold my meat purse.” She then belted out a bar of a new song. If only Cher had chimed in!

What pairing would you have liked to see at the MVAs? I think it would have been dope if they’d melded Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s performance into one.

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