Style 911: Where Can I Find Dresses And Skirts Appropriate For Work And School?

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I’m in a bit of a fashion pickle. Fall is coming up, and along with it, school and colder weather. Now, I love this season and the bite that comes with crisp winds and crunchy leaves, but I hate wearing pants. HATE. WEARING. PANTS. Plus, I work part-time at a job that requires either wearing pants and a blazer or a skirt. Can you help me find some business casual dresses/skirts that would be appropriate for work and school in the fall/winter? –Brittney

I know exactly where you’re coming from, Brittney. I also tend to wear skirts and dresses in the cold, basically, because I detest suffocating my legs under pants and tights. Plus, it’s much easier to layer for warmth with a skirt or dress. I found 12 moderately priced options that I hope work for you and others who might be in the same “pickle.” Remember, a dark-colored blazer can make anything business-casual, and cardigans and thick tights will be your go-to pieces this fall.

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