Lady Gaga Hospitalized 6 Times For Eating Disorder, Claims Biography

A dishy new biography of Lady Gaga claims she crash diets, fooled around with one of her producers, and refused to tour with Kanye West after his 2009 VMAs meltdown.

Gaga was hospitalized six times during 2009 for eating-disordered behavior, claims her former tour manager David Ciemny in Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, by Maureen Callahan. Ciemny claims Gaga made herself “physically and mentally … sick” trying to fit into her costumes, binging on only junk food and once losing 20 lbs. right-quick to fit into a crazy get-up.

The book, which releases tomorrow, also claims not-so-surprisingly that Lady Gaga’s wackadoodle image was constructed because the music industry didn’t think she was conventionally attractive enough to garner attention. Harsh! The book describes an alleged relationship between Gaga and her former producer, Rob Fusari, who currently has a lawsuit pending against her. Unprofessional? Yes. But even more scandalous considering Fusari was engaged and living with his fiancée at the time.

Poker Face also portrays Gaga as insecure and needy — far different from her public persona. Her ex-manager David Ciemny’s wife, Angela, used to be Gaga’s assistant and she says in the book Gaga hated to be alone so much that she’d call her employees to hang out with her at all hours. The pop star would allegedly ask Angela to cuddle with her before bed; they’d even shower and do their makeup together. Angela told Poker Face:

“I would say, ‘Gaga, I have a husband to go home to. I’ll be in the room next door.’ And she’d call and text me: ‘I miss you, Ange, can you come back?’ And she would tell Dave, ‘Can your wife please stay with me tonight?'”

OK, so maybe she sleeps around and gets lonely. But she’s also a savvy business lady. A source from Kanye West’s camp told Poker Face that Gaga canceled her tour last summer with the rapper after his 2009 VMAs meltdown. Allegedly, the opinion inside Lady Gaga’s camp was that “[Kanye is] a grade-A disaster, a mess. If his name is on it, no one will touch it.”

None of this gossip is too much of a bombshell, so I take it with a grain of salt. Gaga talks about how she used to abuse cocaine in interviews — so why wouldn’t she just speak up about this stuff herself?