Is This What “Curvy” Looks Like To You?

Fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson is a 14-year-old fashion phenom. She’s the adorable and precocious writer behind the blog “Style Rookie”. She was also recently described by New Yorker writer Lizzie Widdicombe as “curvy.” In fact, said Widdicombe, “the dress was sleeveless and you could see that her figure had changed dramatically since the earliest days of her blog. She had become curvy.” Newsflash, New Yorker, Tavi Gevinson isn’t curvy. Kim Kardashian is curvy. J. Lo is curvy. But Tavi Gevinson is just a normal 14-year-old girl whose body is going through normal changes. Of course she’s going to look different at pre-pubescent 12 than she is at 14. But that doesn’t mean that she’s anywhere near qualified to be called “curvy.” Curvy compared to what? A pencil?

Of course there is nothing wrong with being curvy — it’s great! But it seems slightly inappropriate to refer to a 14-year-old girl whose body is still developing as “curvy.” What do you think? [New Yorker]