Fall TV Guide: “Gossip Girl” Goes To Paris. Why Again?

Speaking of “Gossip Girl” … tonight kicks off season four of everyone’s favorite show about Upper East Side richy rich teenagers. As the preview teases, Serena and Blair have headed to Paris for the summer. Blair says, “I am not someone who is going to stop looking for love just because I’ve lost it. Which is why I’m heading directly into the belly of the beast—Paris.” Cue the berets, French rock, and a girl fight in a beautifully lit fountain.

While I am very much looking forward to watching, I already have a bone to pick with the show. Um, why are we going to Paris? So many freaking shows pull the Paris card when they need to shake things up. On “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Brenda’s relationship with Dylan began to crumble when she and Donna spent the summer in Paris and he was left at the beach club with Kelly. “Dawson’s Creek” ended with Joey finally going to the City of Lights, a symbol that she had finally gotten too big for Capeside. On “Gilmore Girls,” Lorelei jetted to Paris to get hitched to the wrong guy. On “The Hills,” Lisa Love called Lauren Conrad “the girl who didn’t go to Paris,” until, of course, she got a second shot. The show made a big to-do about Lauren and Whitney going to Paris, meeting boys on Vespas and going to the Crillon Ball. And don’t even remind me of “Sex and the City,” which totally unraveled when Carrie left New York with the Russian to go live in Paris in the final season.

Here’s what’s so irksome to me about the going-to-live-in-Paris plot. In so many of the shows that do it, the city where the show takes places is vital to the show’s existence. In both “Beverly Hills, 90210″ and “The Hills,” the glitzy world of Los Angeles is the reason we’re watching, as the titles suggest. And it’s hard to watch either “Sex and the City” or “Gossip Girl” and not feel like New York is a character. I love Paris as much as the next person, and have been lucky enough to take two trips there myself. But I’m ready for television writers to pick a new travel destination. One with fewer cliches and Eiffel Tower shots.

All I’m saying is that if “True Blood” ever goes to Paris, I’m out.