The Insane Double Standard Of Angelina Vs. Ronnie Creeping On “Jersey Shore”

Sometimes being a feminist means sticking up for someone you hate when she is being treated wrong. That feminist is me and the person I hate is Angelina from “Jersey Shore.” Angelina is the embodiment of every awful characteristic in a human being: duplicitous, slimy, back-stabbing. None of her “Jersey Shore” cast members like or trust Angelina and call her the “Staten Island dump” to her face. Really, the girl’s lack of self-awareness would be amusing if it weren’t so sad.

One person does like Angelina, though: Jose, a gent from Miami who buys her a Fossil watch after two dates. Angelina takes the watch from Jose, but then “smushes” with Vinny during a drunken night of bad decisions. The cast will have none of this. They call Angelina a “whore” and a “slut.” The Situation goes up to Jose at the club one night to say Angelina has something she needs to tell him. Now. If you know anything about “Jersey Shore” this season, you know pretty much the past eight episodes revolved around Ronnie and Sammi. The couple breaks up almost every episode, because of Ronnie’s wandering penis. Seriously, The Frisky office is thisclose to piling into a clown car and driving down to Seaside Heights to stage an intervention for Sammi. No one on the cast had the balls or ovaries to tell Sammi the open secret: Ronnie cheats on her with random women at night clubs just about every night. The other guys on the show joked about how Ronnie got away with his creeping “scot free” and how he’s like “MacGuyver” for getting out of sticky situations.

So. Let’s review:

Angelina sleeps with someone after she’s been on two dates with Jose. The cast brands her all kinds of nasty names, and The Situation sees fit to rat on her to Jose.

Ronnie cheats on his girlfriend Sammi at the clubs more nights than you can count and no one will directly confront the douchebag.

That’s a problem.

Look, I understand everyone hates Angelina and Ronnie has been a pal to the cast through two whole seasons now. (Angelina quit/got fired halfway through last season.) Some of this nonsense is probably just a popularity contest. Or maybe the rest of the cast is just afraid of Ronnie having a ‘roid-head Hulk smash?

But it’s also the textbook case of a sexual double standard. Seriously, go look up “double standard” in a dictionary and you will see pics of Ronnie and Angelina’s faces. Ronnie sucks face with random women at night clubs — sometimes two at a time! — and collects numbers while his girlfriend is sleeping back at home, and yet Angelina gets called a “slut” and a “whore.” What the hell is up with that?

Ronnie has no freaking idea how privileged he is that he is a guy and can get away with this behavior for so long before he is called on it (half-assed, via an anonymous note written by J-Woww and Snooki). He has no idea how lucky he is no one will call him a “slut” or a “whore” for his sexual behavior.

“Jersey Shore,” I hate you for making me come to Angelina’s defense, but last night’s B.S. is insufferable.