Handbag Confessions: What Are You Hiding In There?

I didn’t realize that I was exhibiting strange purse behavior until a friend asked me for a piece of gum and when I reached into my my black, leather bucket bag, my hand emerged full of coat buttons. She looked at me like she smelled doo-doo. Yeah. For some reason, I always have all the buttons that have fallen off my coats looming around in there. I don’t sew them back on (I don’t even know how to), I don’t throw them away. They just remain forever and always in my purse. I even transfer them when I change purses. I have no idea why. Also, I make crazy person notes to myself on receipts and keep them in my wallet. They are barely legible so I don’t even know why I bother. I can’t be the only one with weird crap in my purse. I asked Frisky staffers what they were hiding in their handbags. How about you? Fess up. What have you got in there?

“Cranberry pills.” – Leo

“What don’t I carry around in my purse? I have everything in there from gum, to makeup, to my boyfriend’s inhaler, to old receipts that I think I am going to submit (this will never happen).” — Julie

“I’ve got LOTS of loose change, four different lip glosses that I never actually wear, pills, and condoms. A girl has got to be prepared. “ — Amelia

“What isn’t in my purse is probably a better question. I have a softball and glove in there right now, so I can practice softball after work. Yes, I carry extremely large handbags. My back is very happy about that. “ — Kate

“A green rock that represents the heart chakra (for healing and empowerment) just because.” — Joanne

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