Would You Ever Date Your Friend’s Ex?

Let’s say that one of your close friends breaks up with a guy you’re attracted to. Would you date him? We asked women of varied ages and backgrounds what they would do. Some would go for it, while others think it’d be too weird. Would you ever date a close friend’s ex? Share your thoughts in the comments.

“Yes, I would date a close friend’s ex. Actually I have dated a close friend’s ex before. I dated this ex in high school just a few days after they broke up.” – Freda, Wichita, KS

“No, I would never date my best friend’s ex. It is wrong and it goes against the friend code! Whether they are together now or then. There are some bonds you just cannot break with your friends!” – Sarah, Paradise, CA

“Most likely I would not date a close friend’s ex. I’ve never been in that situation though. If you have feelings for someone and it happens to be someone’s ex, at least ask that person whose ex it is, if it’s okay to date that person because they might have feelings for that person still.” – Samantha, New York City

“I was dating a guy. We broke up and he remains one of my best friends. I started dating his best friend, we are in a LTR and have a child together. So my ex is also my BF and my SO’s BF. Convoluted I guess but it seemed to work for us. We all lived happily ever after.” – Kathleen, Houston, TX

“No, I would not date an ex of one my close friends. If they are a close friend, chances are you know the behavior of the ex, and why they are an ex. Also, friends should be there for each other, not benefit from their pain.” – Rene, Myrtle Beach, SC

“I don’t think I could be comfortable dating a friend’s ex. Even if the friend claims to give their “blessing”, I think it would be very risky business.” – Jennifer, Tucson, AZ

“No, no, and no! Sleeping with your friend’s ex goes against the grain of what true friendship is all about. A moment of lust is not worth losing a friend — ever!” – Cathy, Templeton, MA

“I would only do that if I didn’t care about my friendship with my friend because ultimately, it would put a strain or end to the friendship. And since I am more to stick with a ‘tried and true’ friendship I would have to say no, never date a good friend’s ex. It’s only asking for trouble either now or later down the road!” – Karen, Greenwell Springs, LA

“Only if I had known him for a long time, and my connection with him was stronger than my connection with my friend.” – Renee, Phoenix, AZ

“When I was in high school, I dated a guy named Bob. Then I found out that my girlfriend, Sherri, had started dating him behind my back. If she had asked me first, I don’t think I would have really had a problem with the situation — I really wasn’t that into Bob, anyway, if the truth is to be told. But the sneaky nature of the incident bothered me and I didn’t speak to Sherri for over 10 years until I saw her at our high school reunion. Ironically, now — 30 years later — I am friends with Sherri again. I just keep an extra eye on her when she’s around my husband! – Kim, Sarasota, FL