Jessica Simpson To Judge The “Project Runway” Finale

Jessica Simpson is busy these days, and not just teaching Annika the joys of jeggings. Yesterday, Jessica sauntered into the Fashion Week tent where “Project Runway” was holding its fashion show. When she sat down in the front row with Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and Heidi Klum it quickly became clear that she is this year’s finale guest judge, joining the ranks of Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lindsay Lohan who have served as judges on the show before. We think Jessica is kind of the perfect pick to guest judge the finale.Because in addition to having a love for clothes, Jessica’s signature is on shoes, accessories, dresses, swimwear, underwear, and now jeans. I mean, Victoria has a line, Natalie designs vegan shoes, Sarah Jessica did a line for a discount store, and Lindsay creates leggings, but Jessica has built a department store fashion empire at this point.

Also of note about the “Project Runway” finale show: since the season has barely started on Lifetime, 10 of the show’s designers got to show collections. Of course, only three will be in the finale episode—but the others were needed to keep from spoiling who made it to the final. Also, what the heck is Heidi wearing here? Talk about matchy-matchy.

What do you think of J-Simp as the “Proj Run” finale guest judge?