7 Celebs Who’ve Defended Their Exes

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Yesterday, Fernando Flores—a former bodyguard of Britney Spears—filed a lawsuit against Britney for harassment and “repeated unwanted sexual advances.” He says that Britney not only exposed herself to him, but called him to her bedroom when she was wearing her birthday suit. He says that Spears engaged in this kind of conduct around sons Preston and Jayden James, and once asked to borrow Flores’ belt to discipline the boys. These accusations were investigated by Child Services and they found no evidence of abuse, so the case was closed. Cue the lawsuit. Now Kevin Federline is defending his ex-wife. His lawyer issued a statement saying, “He is satisfied that the allegations are a product of economic motives. They are as baseless as they seem.” The guy does have custody of the kids, so you’d think he would know what was going on. But with all their past issues, it’s nice that K-Fed stood up for his ex-wife. God knows that someone has to! [Huffington Post]

As a thank you to K-Fed, we’ve rounded up a few other celebs who’ve defended their exes.

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