30 Things Every College Student Should Have

Here at The Frisky, we’ve talked an awful lot about what everyone should know and do and have by 30. But what about some of our younger readers? Well, wait no longer, my smooth-skinned dears. After the jump, we bring you 30 things every college student should have.

  1. Enough clean underwear to go until laundry day.
  2. A favorite quiet spot to study (yes, study!).
  3. A private place to make out that doesn’t inconvenience roommates or friends.
  4. Willpower at the waffle bar.
  5. A way home for a long weekend.
  6. At least one semester with no Friday classes!
  7. Clear boundaries when it comes to your body, your space, and your food in the fridge.
  8. Someone to talk to when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed.
  9. Condoms, if you’re sexually active.
  10. Regular STD testing if you’re gettin’ busy.
  11. A wardrobe that includes actual clothes — and not just pajamas emblazoned with your school’s name on the ass — to wear to class or out with friends.
  12. Shower shoes for communal bathrooms.
  13. An adviser who actually gives good advice.
  14. The courage to appeal an unfair grade.
  15. A voter registration card.
  16. A designated driver.
  17. Quarters for the laundry.
  18. A broom and some all-purpose cleaner.
  19. A bottle opener.
  20. Matches (for the bathroom and a host of other occasions).
  21. Your own checking account.
  22. A bathrobe.
  23. A small sewing kit.
  24. At least one friend who will tell you when your outfit or behavior is inappropriate.
  25. The value of a dollar.
  26. At least a few experiences you wouldn’t want your parents to know about.
  27. Friends you didn’t know in high school.
  28. Friends you’ll want to stay in touch with when you’re 30.
  29. A 24-hour diner to grab breakfast at 3 a.m.
  30. A game plan post-graduation.