Who Is Lina Morgana And Did Lady Gaga Bite Her Act?

Yana Morgana, the mother of the late aspiring singer Lina Morgana, is claiming that Lady Gaga’s persona was essentially stolen from her daughter, who committed suicide at age 19 by jumping off the roof of a Staten Island hotel.So how did these two know each other? Music producer Rob Fusari (who currently has a lawsuit pending against Gaga) brought unknown songwriter Stefani Germanotta into the studio to collaborate with the up-and-coming Lina in 2007. The pair co-wrote and recorded about a dozen songs together that were never released. After Lina passed, Yana claims Germanotta “changed dramatically overnight” and became Lady Gaga, inhabiting Lina’s style, look, music, demeanor, and even her life story—”Single White Female”-style. Yana doesn’t want to take legal action; she just wants her daughter’s contributions to be acknowledged and her songs released.

Seriously? Lina doesn’t seem nearly as talented as Lady Gaga. And who really cares if she was inspired by her way of dressing or her persona? It would be just as easy to say that Lady Gaga bites Madonna. What do you think? Is Lady Gaga an act stealer or is Yana Morgana just a grieving mother seeking posthumous fame for her daughter? [NY Post]