The Gap-Toothed Trend Leads Some To Get Their Teeth Gapped

I’ve written about the gap-toothed trend here two times before (here and here) because I have a gap between my front teeth. Finally, I am organically on trend! The other day, I was actually wondering if, because of all the famous people rocking a gap between their teeth — from models to actresses — some people would actually get a gap put between their teeth. Sure enough, the Wall Street Journal reports folks are doing just that. After the death of his father, fashion designer David Delvin had a dentist put a gap put between his teeth because: “It was a metaphor for the separation I was feeling.” Alrighty then! The Journal goes on to speculate that the spacey smile is coveted these days as it provides a unique “character” alternative to the overly airbrushed, seemingly “perfect” images that proliferate throughout pop culture. Lindsey Wixson, Anna Paquin, and Georgia Jagger are all name-checked as leaders in the gap-toothed movement.

One young model, 19-year-old Ashley Smith, says her gap is her “calling card.” Since beauty trends, these days, seem to creep downwards, who knows how long it will be before the 11-year-old who used to get braces will be pleading for her parents to buy her diastema (that’s what they call the gap) for Christmas? Personally, I don’t mind mine. I’ve certainly had a few dentists ask me, “Don’t you want to close that?” I’ve always replied no. Without it, I couldn’t whistle like a bird or spit water several feet in a thin stream. And then what would I do? [WSJ]