The Craziest College Classes Ever

One of the best things about college — besides getting out of your parents’ house, eating Easy Mac at midnight and dorm parties — is the classes. Sure, classes are the reason you have to roll out of bed before noon after staying up half the night finishing an essay, but they can be fun if you give ‘em a chance. Aside from the regular stuff like boring-history-with-an-ancient-professor and math-you’ll-never-use-again, colleges are now offering a few classes so crazy you might be excited to attend.

  • Zombies 101. Although it has the boring title English 333, the University of Baltimore is offering a class on zombies. The professor (and author of a book on zombie movies called Zombiemania), Arnold Blumberg, will have students watch 16 movies about the undead and read a bunch of comics. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Bottoms up! Show me one person who isn’t down to take West Virginia University’s wine tasting class called “Vines to Wines” and I’ll show you a liar. Hair of the dog, anyone? [HighBeam]
  • Coasting along. Elon University, a liberal arts institution in North Carolina, offers class called “Business of NASCAR.” Students learn all about the financial specs of the sport as well as what it’s like to risk your neck racing other crazy dudes. [Her Campus]
  • Prof of the rings. Believe it or not, Bowdoin College actually has something called “Tolkien’s Middle Ages,” in which students learn about those epic and fantastical novels. They can be pretty complicated in parts so keep in mind that just because you liked the movies doesn’t mean you’re going to dig the class. [Her Campus]
  • PETA class. Bowdoin College does it again with “The Souls of Animals” which examines, you guessed it, whether animals have souls and are capable of moral action. Wear leather on the first day and see if you get attacked by vegan chicks in hemp. [Her Campus]
  • Home Ec. For the Martha Stewarts in us all, the University of California at San Diego has “Underwater Basket Weaving.” Will you ever use this skill again? Probably not. Also, why is it underwater? To plan ahead for the days when we all have gills? [Online Colleges]
  • Circle jerk. If you think diddling yourself is easier than doing homework, “Cyberporn and Society” at the State University of New York at Buffalo is perfect. Of course, you could also try “Cinema and the Sex Act” at the University of California, Berkeley, which requires that students watch NC-17 flicks like “Showgirls.” If anime porn is more your style, enroll in “Anthropology of the Unconscious” at New York University. There’s also University of Iowa’s “Pornography in Popular Culture.” Tissues not included. [Time]
  • Far out. If you really, really like “The Far Side” comics, why not delve into “Far Side Entomology” at Oregon State University? Professor Michael Burgett uses comics to teach students about everything from bugs and garbage to super heroes and human interaction. [OSU]

Tell us: What was the strangest class you ever took?