I’m A Jeggings Convert: Thank You, Jessica Simpson

I didn’t understand the point of jeggings until recently. I had assumed they were just super-thin jeans that suffocated the legs. I was not a fan of the trend, but I think I may have been jaded by the early iterations that trend-driven stores sold next to their hosiery. The legwear was so cheap it didn’t even deserve a hanger and was packaged like a pair of tights. I like leggings, but couldn’t bring myself to wear imitation jeans. Good thing I found out I was so wrong about jeggings. And I have Jessica Simpson to thank for this revelation.I tried jeggings on a whim after receiving a pair at a presentation for Jessica Simpson Collection jeanswear. I was surprised the Kiss Me Jeggings felt like actual denim and was even more shocked at the fit. I’m a skinny jeans girl, but hate that overly tight feeling that makes me unable to completely bend my knees. The stretchy Kiss Me Jeggings hug all my curves, but don’t feel tight at all. They’re basically like a comfy pair of leggings with enough structure to hold the shape. I hate saggy butt, the phenomenon that occurs when you’ve been sitting in your tight pants too long, but I’ve been sitting and slouching in my chair all morning and my jeggings are holding their structure nicely. I’m proud to be a jeggings convert and elated that the $49 price of the Jessica Simpson Collection pair means I can indulge my fashion needs. I may never go back to wearing skinny jeans again. [$49, Jessica Simpson Collection]