How Do You Spend Your “Me” Time?

I often get in the mood to shut everything and everyone out and just spend some quality time with me, myself, and I. Usually I do this by taking a dance class and then gorging on rag mags while getting my toes done. I’m not sure why exactly, but it does the trick every time. I emerge relaxed, stuffed to the gills with celeb gossip, with my feet looking hot. I asked other Frisky staffers to share their “me” time rituals. What are yours?

“God I feel like a broken record: Wine. Cheese. I also like paint by numbers.” — Leo

“I, uh, read comic books. Graphic novels. Maybe I’ll read them in public over a bowl of fancy, spicy ramen noodles.” —JDV

“I go to the beach and read my old V.C. Andrews books. Or I cook a fancy meal for myself. I also lovvve getting weekly mani/pedis. It’s my main splurge in life.” — Amelia

“I play fetch with my cat (yes, you read that correctly) while watching old episodes of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.'” —Kate

“I get a weekly manicure and a bi-weekly pedicure, and read or re-read magazines while drinking Moscato. I’ve also developed a habit of taking photos of my feet while wearing shoes.” —Annika

“I go to yoga, an art museum or for a walk or bike ride in the park. Play favorite records or podcasts like ‘This American Life’ and just veg out and listen on the couch.” —Joanne

“I go for solo bike rides around Prospect Park a few times a week and have living room dance marathons in the morning with my cats.” —Wendy

“I read or I plunk a pint of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream in my lap.” —Jessica

“Nail art. I have almost 100 polishes and 3000 rhinestones, some of which are Swarovski.” —Simcha

“I go and visit kittens at the animals shelters, because my building doesn’t allow them. They always make me happy and relaxed.” —Kelli