Frisky Rant: Can Nail Polish Stop Being Ugly, Please?

Fashion’s Night Out is on Friday, which means the fashion industry’s brightest bulbs will clack around New York City trying to get you to buy stuff. But makeup freaks everywhere await Chanel’s debut three new nail polishes: khaki brun, khaki vert, and khaki rose. Or, as I see them, baby poop brown, pea soup green, and bathtub grime red. Everyone else in the Frisky office says Chanel’s new polishes are trés, trés chic, but I, for one, am over the oddball nail polish color trend that has dragged on for the past few years. This particular flip-flop season was brutal, and yes, I am looking at you, turquoise. I can’t believe women walk around with dark green nail polish on their toes. Doesn’t anyone realize being “trendy” looks like you have gangrene? Whoever is fashion’s man behind the curtain — Anna Wintour? Rachel Zoe, maybe? — I beg and implore you to have mercy on the rest of our eyes next season and bring back colors that don’t scream “hygiene problem.”