Britney Spears’ Ex-Bodyguard Files A Lawsuit Over Alleged Sexual Harassment, Child Abuse

If it’s a day ending in “y,” that means there is more trouble for Brit-Brit. Ex-bodyguard Fernando Flores filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the pop tart yesterday. Even though we knew some of the accusations previously — she walked around the house naked; she asked for his belt to spank her kids — now he is spilling all the beans. And they’re some dirty, dirty beans. Britney’s trashy mating calls “unwanted sexual advances” caused him “shock and disgust,” his lawsuit claims:

“[Britney] was wearing a white lace, see-through dress. She walked over close by [Flores], intentionally dropped her cigarette lighter on the floor, bent over to retrieve it and thereby exposed her uncovered genitals to [Flores].”

In another alleged incident, Brit-Brit called Flores up to her room and he arrived to find her as naked as the day she was born:

“After an awkward silence during which [Britney] just stood naked before [Flores], [Flores] asked Spears if she needed anything. After some hesitation, Spears asked [Flores] to get her two bottles of 7 Up.”

In the great tradition of sexual harassers everywhere, the pop tart also made pervy comments about her raunchy behavior; one time, when Britney allegedly exposed herself to Flores, he claims she told him “you know you liked it.”

If all this is true, it looks like Brit-Brit will be joining Liz Lemon for an HR training seassion on sexual harassment. But the most damning accusations against Britney are the ones that have been dogging her ever since she drove around with a baby in her lap — Britney’s aptitude as a mama.

Flores claims Britney asked for Flores to remove his belt, took it from him, and then allegedly “savagely hit” her son Sean Preston with it twice. Another incident claims Britney fed Jayden James and Sean Preston crab meat, despite the fact that they have allergies. Both kids allegedly started vomiting and Britney allegedly told people to “mind your own f**king business!” when they tried to give the boys medical help. Flores also claims Brit was “loudly having sexual relations” in a hotel suite while her kids were around.

Britney is dismissing all the claims in the lawsuit, of course. In a statement on her website, she claims:

“This lawsuit is another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself. The Department of Children and Family Services conducted a proper investigation surrounding Mr. Flores’ accusations and have closed the case without any further action. Ms. Spears and her attorneys have every expectation that his matter will be dismissed by the courts.”

And not that anyone should believe what her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, says about anything, ever, but even he calls the child abuse allegations “baseless.” K-Fed says nothing about those sexual harassment claims, though.