10 Celebrity Apologies That Were Too Little Too Late

apologies spencer pratt jpg
“I’m sorry” is a phrase that every human being should be comfortable uttering on a daily basis. If people said these two simple words more often, the world would be a happier place. Unfortunately, some apologies are just too little too late. We’ve been waiting for years and years for infamous d-bag Spencer Pratt to say the magic words to Heidi Montag, if not to the entire world, for having to endure his a**hattery. I can’t believe it took a divorce and trying to release Heidi’s sex tape for him to man up. He has finally admitted to making ”certain private issues public” and ”horribly embarrassing the one person who meant the world to me.” He says his behavior was ”outrageous and infantile.” Finally, dude! [NY Times]

But I don’t even care anymore. I already hate him too much to take his mea culpa seriously. After the jump, some more too-little-too-late apologies. We don’t forgive you.

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