From What We Can Tell, Kim Gordon’s Sportmax Collab Is Disappointing (Sniff)

We just don’t get it. Kim Gordon plus anything fashion should equal awesomeness. In the past, the Sonic Youth punk songstress has dabbled in the industry, producing outstanding results with cult ’90s brand X-Girl (gone for years now, sadly) and more recently, a sleek, military-inspired line called Mirror/Dash, which faded into oblivion. Gordon is now set to unveil her three-piece collection for Italian luxury label Sportmax on Fashion’s Night Out; however, the Wall Street Journal got a sneak peek at two of the items—a watercolor-like tunic dress and a graffiti t-shirt. The tee goes for a ridiculous $135 while the other items price out at $225 and $275. We can’t say we’re all that inspired by these designs. (Sorry, but that watercolor dress is downright hideous.) From what we can tell, Kim wasn’t all too jazzed on the Sportmax collaboration, either—or at least, she admits to feeling disconnected. The Wall Street Journal points out that Gordon’s uniform of cut-off shorts, casual t-shirts, and baggy jeans doesn’t exactly make her “a patron of the brand.” Gordon herself even admits: “I can’t really afford their stuff,” she said.

Well, it would seem neither can we. [Wall Street Journal]