Long Live “Daria”: Tracy Grandstaff, The Voice Behind Our ’90’s Misfit Teen Idol, Speaks

Sucky people have not actually sucked on MTV for over a decade now, but there was a time when the channel didn’t send us diving underneath the bathroom sink for something toxic. Alas, a cartoon like “Daria” would never exist today and that’s why we “Daria” super-nerds need to get our hands on “Daria: The Complete Animated Series” DVD, which was released this spring. In honor of this momentous occasion, the blog Can I Get A Man With That? called up Tracy Grandstaff, the actress who voiced Lawndale High’s #1 social outcast, Daria Morgendorffer, for five seasons. “Let’s face it, if they remade ‘Daria’ today, she’d be a vampire,” Tracy admitted. Tracy has an answer for all those Daria-related questions that have been driving us batty, like why she stole her best friend Jane’s boyfriend, whether the Trent Lanes of the world are actually dateable, and which freakshows would appear on the “Sick Sad World” of today. Funny how Tracy envisions pop culture’s most famous Misery Chick eventually ending up in a hopeful profession: journalism. “I hope she’s a journalist and contributes to The Huffington Post… or ‘The Colbert Report…,'” Tracy said. “But that’s just me.” Be sure not to miss interview questions contributed by Diablo Cody, Tavi, Jane Pratt from Sassy and Jane magazines, and Liz Lee from “My Life As Liz”! [Can I Get A Man With That?]

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