7 Things You Need To Know About Cy Waits, Paris Hilton’s New Boyfriend

As far as power couples go, Paris Hilton and Cy Waits are a match made in nightclub heaven. And when they both got arrested in August—Paris for cocaine possession and Cy for a DUI after failing three of eight sobriety tests and having a roach in his car—it was apparent that the formerly hush-hush relationship was going to get some exposure. Turns out, the two have been dating for a little over three months and since we’ll probably have to follow them on their inevitable crime spree, we scrounged up some dirt on the guy.

  • He’s A Twin. He has an identical twin named Jesse who is currently dating Brody Jenner’s ex-girlfriend, Jayde Nicole. Jesse also happens to be Cy’s business partner. [Zimbio]
  • Her Parents Approve. Apparently, Rick and Kathy Hilton have given their approval. According to an insider, “Her parents have known Cy for years and really like him. Wednesday they flew to Vegas to celebrate her father’s birthday and they all had a great night together.” I wonder if they’re still gung-ho after the recent arrest? [LA Late]
  • He’s Got Business Chops. Cy and his brother Jesse are nightclub moguls, who partnered with nightlife czar Victor Drai to open Drai’s Afterhours, Tryst at the Wynn and XS at Encore and hotel mogul Steve Wynn recently bought Drai out of Tryst and XS, which are hugely successful. Sounds like an ideal boyfriend for the hotel heiress. [Las Vegas Weekly]
  • He’s Packing Heat. I’m not even referring to his junk—Cy literally has a gun! A few weeks ago, a guy tried to break into Paris’ house and Cy went downstairs with a gun to check out the situation. He found a man with two knives outside, pointed a gun at him, told him to drop the knives and get down on his stomach, holding the guy there until the cops arrived. Not that I approve of gun-toting, but it certainly did the trick in this situation! [TMZ]
  • He’s A Wanted Man. Not by the law. Okay, a little by the law. But Cy and Jesse were voted “America’s Most Eligible Bachelors” by Extra. Sounds like socialites were paying attention since they’re both off the market now. [944]
  • They’re Not Wynning. Supposedly after their dual arrests, Cy was fired as managing partner at Tryst and XS and Paris Hilton is “no longer welcome” at Wynn or Encore resorts. But they’ve still got access to a crap-ton of Hilton hotels, so they’ll probably be OK. [LA Times]
  • They’re “In Love.” An insider said, “They are clearly enjoying every minute of their new relationship and aren’t afraid to show their feelings and affection for one another. Cy has never been happier, he truly loves and cares about her.” Another source says, “He flies her out to Vegas all the time on his private jet so they can be together when he has to work there… They’ve been friends for a long time but only recently did it turn romantic. She’s taking things slow, but she enjoys spending time with him. He is the exact opposite of her ex. He is very shy and doesn’t crave media attention.” He might not crave media attention, but he’s sure as hell going to get it now. [E! Online]

They might not be the best influence on each other, but Paris and Cy might have what it takes to make it. In other words: lots of money and friends in high places.