Woman Takes Driver’s Test 960 Times. Really.

We could all learn a little something about perseverance from Cha Sa-soon. Sa-soon is the 69-year-old South Korean woman who failed her driver’s test 959 times before finally passing it. For three years, starting in 2005, she made obtaining a license her job — she took the test five times a week. She eventually scaled back to taking it every other week, and finally passed the test in May of this year. She failed the written portion of the exam 949 times before finally getting a passing grade on her 950th try. She then failed the driving portion of the exam another nine times before getting everything right on her 960th try. Each try at the test cost Sa-soon — whose name ironically means “vehicle” in Korean — $5, but she said she didn’t mind: “To me, commuting every day to take the test was like going to school. I always missed school.”

Sa-soon’s driver’s test plight eventually gained national attention. When she finally passed the exam, Hyundai Motors urged Koreans to send in messages of congratulations. They also presented her with her first car and she now stars in one of the company’s television commercials. [New York Times]