We Help Jennifer Aniston Decide Between Her Latest Two Men

Look out, boys, Jennifer Aniston is on the prowl again, which means that the paparazzi will be following her every move. On the bright side, a source said, “Jen has been in the best mood lately. She is trying to do whatever makes her happy, which includes going on fun dates with interesting men.” Last week, the interesting men included “Cougar Town” star Josh Hopkins and restaurateur Harry Morton. And since Aniston is famously bad at picking dudes who’ll be nice to her, we’ve already helped her decide between these two. [People, Radar Online]

The Dude Josh Hopkins Harry Morton
Age 39 29
Who Is He? Josh plays Courteney Cox’s love interest on “Cougar Town,” which Jen will be guest-starring on this fall. It is maybe important to remember that if Courteney’s character manages to hook up with Hopkins’ character, the best friends could potentially be making out with the same dude. Hopkins is just two years younger than Aniston and is the son of a former Kentucky congressman. Hopkins also has an amateur music career, having recorded a few singles such as “Feigning Interest,” which was a huge hit on MySpace and at Lollapalooza. Josh says the song was a “broad satire of one-track-minded men and women.” [Who’s Dated Who] Harry Morton is the heir to Hard Rock Cafe, but also founded the Pink Taco restaurant chain and owns the Viper Room on the Hollywood strip. He famously dated Lindsay Lohan before she found another kind of pink taco and Morton has recently said he is embarrassed to be known for that aspect of his life. He despises the media attention, saying “It is the worst thing of all time… I’ll be happy if it never happens again. There are people out there who just love it. Not me.” Morton has also been linked to Hayden Panettiere, who is 20 years younger than Aniston. [TMZ, TV NZ]
His Date With Jen Jen and Josh shared a two-hour dinner at Madeo in Beverly Hills and a witness said, “She and Josh sat at a more private table and they seemed to get along great. It was obvious that they don’t know each other well, but there was a flirty energy between them and Jen looked very happy.” Jen drank white wine and ate fish. Another witness said, “As he talked, Jen listened to him attentively—not taking her eyes off of him. Then as Jen talked, he did the same in return. It was as if the two were the only ones in the room.” They also felt it was necessary to mention that Jen was “comfortable enough to reapply her lip gloss right in front of him.” [Breaking News] Aniston and Morton had dinner at Sunset Tower Hotel, the night before her date with Josh Hopkins. A witness reported that Aniston “touched his arm several times.” They sat next to each other, looked at pictures on his phone and Jen appeared to be “a little nervous, putting her hair up in a loose bun and laughing at everything he said.” The witness also mentioned that when Morton went to the restroom, she “took the opportunity to primp by reapplying her lipstick.”
Our Verdict It’s a huge deal that Courteney Cox set up the date, because Cox has been working with Hopkins for a year already and must think he’s pretty great to pass him on to her best friend. He’s close to Jen’s age, which means he won’t be as skiddish as a John Mayer type. He’s obviously got a great sense of humor, given his comedic timing and the hilarity of his music, which is important for a gal like Jen. Since witnesses at both dates mentioned the reapplying of lip products, I suppose it’s important to mention that Jen was apparently less comfortable with Morton, since she waited for him to go to the bathroom before she touched up on their date. It’s also pretty ridiculous that someone who thinks paparazzi attention is “the worst thing of all time” would go on a date with one of the most famous actresses in the world. Considering the guy named his restaurant chain “Pink Taco,” I think it’s safe to assume that he’s got the sense of humor of a 13-year-old boy and Jen is used to more intelligent wit (i.e., Jason Sudeikis). Both Aniston and Morton have a history of dating younger and I don’t have my abacus handy, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t even out.

It’s pretty apparent to me that of these two guys, Josh is the right choice. Who do you guys think Jen should date?