Amy Poehler Will Host “Saturday Night Live”‘s Season Premiere, But Jenny Slate Is Out

Do a little happy dance: Amy Poehler will return to “Saturday Night Live” on September 25th to host with Katy Perry as the musical guest. But all is not well on the new “SNL” season — featured player Jenny Slate has allegedly been given the boot. Abby Elliot, the daughter of alum Chris Elliot, apparently had her head on the chopping block, but the show chose to axe Slate instead. Honestly, I never developed an opinion of the notorious F-bomb dropper because she wasn’t on the show long enough. But I’m always bummed when there’s one less prominent woman in comedy, especially since “SNL” has about as many white dudes in it as the United States Senate. Hopefully, Second City improv star Vanessa Beyer, a rumored new cast member, will have more staying power.

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