Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Interpol To The Thermals

Summer might be over, but the new releases are still h-o-t! This week, Interpol releases their fourth rad record, and it is perhaps their last Carlos D-licious one. Tear. Plus, The Thermals suffer through a break-up and Young Buck goes to rehab—wonder if he hung out with Lindsay Lohan? But I digress. So, get those headphones on, because there’s some major tune-age, after the jump!

Interpol, Interpol
This record isn’t rocking out about living downtown—it wanted to go to a place more reflective, gorgeous, and dare I say, mature? Interpol returns to their classic “Rosemary” repetitive stroke sound, which should please their old fans. So, perhaps the third one wasn’t the charm, but the fourth record very well could be. Plus, it is possibly their last album with the infamous bassist, Carlos D, he’s since left the band on good terms.

The Thermals, Personal Life
Indie rockin’ out to heartbreak … yet somehow they’re not as angry about this as they were about being poor starving artists.

Young Buck, Rehab
Is the dude trying to pull an Eminem with the title? Young Buck does what he wants. He literally “Smokes Life Our Way.”