12 Advantages Of Being A Single Woman

This month marks not only my 34th birthday (tomorrow!), but also the third anniversary of my move from Chicago to New York to move in with my now husband. I wasn’t sure at the time if I’d be getting my own place and just staying with him temporarily, or even if the relationship would work out. We’d been long distance up to that point and we were simply taking things to the “next level,” as they say and hoping for the best. Now that we’ve been married over a year, I guess it’s safe to say things have worked out. But being in a couple isn’t without some disadvantages and sacrifices, of course, and looking back on my single years, it’s apparent there were a few things I took for granted. I wouldn’t trade my present for my past (well, I’d take my 22-year-old ass back, please), but after the jump are 12 advantages of being single.

  1. The only social and family obligations you have are your own.
  2. No partner = no guilt if you aren’t in the mood to do it.
  3. The ever-present possibility that Mr./Ms. Right is just around the corner is pretty fun and exciting.
  4. Five words: Full control of the remote.
  5. It’s so much easier to stay in shape when you don’t have a dinner companion who wants to eat pizza or burgers every night.
  6. No risk of being caught in an unfortunate position.
  7. No snoring or bed-sharing to keep you awake at night.
  8. Picking up and starting an adventure in a new city is much easier when you only have to move yourself.
  9. Parents and grandparents probably aren’t hounding you to have kids (though they may be hounding you to find someone and get married).
  10. Fewer gifts you have to buy around the holidays.
  11. Girls Night Out = your life.
  12. No one’s going to see those period panties.