What’s Your Best College Memory?

College is a time when women discover their strengths, form lifelong bonds and explore the world around them. For some women the exploration involves local or more exotic travel. For others the exploration is more internal and emotional, while other women remember hilarious moments. After the jump, some women share their favorite college memories.

“During my senior year of college, I went into labor in class and immediately headed for home. The students in my class were so kind but also panicking because they wanted me out of that classroom ASAP so they would not have to see a live birth! I still laugh even now as I think about how their faces looked when I announced in the middle of class that I was in labor!” – Michelle, Chicago, IL

“My favorite academic memory from college was when I truly heard and understood Shakespeare for the first time, thanks to my Falstaff-like professor. My least academic memory was the week my new boyfriend and I could not drag ourselves out of bed. We missed a week’s worth of school but I will never forget our week of passion.” – Brandy, Northampton, MA

“On my 18th birthday my friends threw me a surprise party on the roof of a local apartment building which was such a success that the two coolest guys on campus, T. and E., showed up. The next day I had five separate people come up to me and say, ‘Did you hear about that wild party T. and E. had on top of McCoy last night?'”– Nancy, Livingston, NJ

“One of my classmates and I made life-sized effigies of two of my professors and hung them outside their offices during finals week of my senior year. Fortunately, both of them saw the humor in the situation. I graduated, anyway, with honors.” – Kathy, Bronx, NY

“Our Thursday night tradition in the campus newspaper office was to put the paper to bed, then stand on the chairs singing ‘Irish Eyes.’ One Thursday for reasons I don’t recall, we happened to be in a respectable restaurant. We stood on the chairs and sang ‘Irish Eyes’ in accordance with our tradition. Rather than act annoyed, the adult restaurant patrons applauded us and some sang along.” – Carol, Silver Spring, MD

“I spent my first semester of my junior year in Seville, Spain. I was only 19. When I think about all the once in a lifetime things I did, like stand atop the Rock of Gibraltar, see Picasso’s Guernica, get knocked over by a bull (yes, that happened), I’m so glad I went.” – Jenn, Belleville, NJ

“For our field work in Mental Retardation (yes, that was the class title in 1984), we were required to meet with a developmentally disabled person regularly and journal our experiences. I would take the bus downtown, to the seediest area of Grand Rapids, where the Cherry Street Center (now long defunct) offered day programs for transitional adults. I met with ‘Hester’; we would walk past drunks slumbering on the sidewalks, up the street to a little dive for coffee and a donut. I’m sure I got much more from our visits, emotionally, than Hester did herself.” – Marilisa, Grand Haven, MI

“College house parties often lean towards the surreal, but as I passed students playing chess in the entry I knew this one would be odd. Skirting the movie watchers in the living room, I went down to the basement. Amazingly, several high school friends were standing in the basement listening to a jazz band take turns with freestyle rappers. By the end of the night there were about a dozen of us, all who had went to different colleges around the state, fondly talking old times in a random bedroom.” – Tamara, Sullivan, IL