How Does College Affect Your Relationship Status?

Are you single? In a relationship? Whether in the first or final year, many wonder if the college atmosphere will change their relationship status. It’s a whole new world where people discover a variety of things about life, as well as themselves. After the jump, we asked a bunch of women how they feel about their college relationships. Some were just entering college, some had been there for a while and some graduated recently. How about you? Share your experiences in the comments.

“I suppose I should start off by saying that after four years of juggling college and relationships I have collected quite a bit of data on the subject. My verdict: college and relationships don’t mix. College is the time where you collect all of those crazy stories you will tell your grandkids; and I learned very quickly that relationships, especially long distance, are not conducive to the college experience.” – Amanda, Miami, FL

“College changed everything for me. In my first year, I was the shy girl. By the time I graduated, I had enough dating experience to write a book.”– Jenna, Kansas City, KS

“I spent the summer single and I had fun just spending time with friends and re-connecting with my family. Now that I’m going back to school I’m hoping to find a relationship with someone who is a little more like me and a little less like the boys I went to high school with. I’m a driven business/economics major and I hope to find a decent guy in one of my classes to get to know.” – Elizabeth, Stevens Point, WI

“I’m just starting this fall, so I am unsure how it will affect me. I’m single right now and not looking for anyone. I’d rather devote the time to studying. I’m almost hoping not to meet someone. But if I do, I’ll let fate decide what’s best at the time.” – Angela, Long Island, NY

“I am in my third year of college and I have been with my current partner for two years. We got together while still in high school and stayed together and healthy when I first went off to school. We both agreed that while we love spending time talking to each other, we both needed a little bit of time here and there for ourselves. I used that little window of time to hang out with some friends I made, do homework, etc. Then at night we would call each other to say goodnight. It stayed the same for my second year. This year, my partner is entering college herself, but I don’t think it will drastically affect our relationship in a negative way. In fact, I see it as a positive thing. We are both looking forward to getting our own apartment soon and start our lives, so the closer we both are to having a college degree, the better! It might be a little hard to adjust at first because we have hung out together every day this summer, but I know that we will be perfectly fine.” – Ari, Neptune, NJ

“Probably depends on who you ask. I was too busy studying to think about relationships. My best friend was too busy partying with who knows how many guys. I don’t know where the studying fit into her equation.” – Jamie, Chicago, IL

“I went in engaged and came out married – to someone else who was a better fit! So, yes, college did affect my status, but in a very positive way. We’re still married 20 years later.” – Shana, Syracuse, NY

“For me, relationships and college just don’t work well together. Something about the guy wanting attention or some nonsense. For some reason my silly professors think that I should focus on my school work rather than a guy I might be seeing. So, I’d have to say that since I’m single, no, college will (sadly) not have an impact on my relationship status. But hey, thanks for reminding me.” – Kathy, Hamlet, IN

“As a married woman that is going to school right now. I have felt a bit disconnected from my spouse. I do not have much time for him, as school is like a job. The schooling takes hours out of my day from my husband. Between his full time job, my school and at home jobs, and our kids, it seems nearly impossible to get alone time, a kiss to each other or even a hug! School is important so you have to devote your time to it! Though my husband is important, school is my start of my life career. So taking time away from it for my husband just cannot happen, even though I would like to for some alone time.” – Sarah, Paradise, CA

“Of course college changes things. I got married young, entered college, and came out a divorcee. We grew up and grew apart. He’s still practically my best friend, but I actually ended up divorcing him and marrying his best friend.” – Rhonda, Colorado Springs, CO