Ask The Astrosexologist: Can 2 Scorpios Make It Work?

I was born Nov 5, 1982 and the guy I’m dating was born Nov 6, 1972. We are both Scorpios and have a lot in common. We’ve been dating on/off for about six months and although he is older, his age doesn’t bother me. Early into dating we were VERY passionate. Lately, we’ve been fighting more than normal. His job requires him to be out of the state for months at a time with few trips back home. I have no problem with his job, other than it seems that lately the “long distance” has begun to take its toll on his feelings for me. During the first few months of the relationship before he left for work, he and I got along great and our personalities meshed well.

Now, I’m beginning to feel myself becoming needy. I’m not sure if it’s the distance and his lack of effort or the difference in our ages and phases in life. Neither one of us has ever been married, both of us have had a few long-term relationships, no children, and we share a love of the outdoors. He says he’s in love with me, but it seems that he is only “saying what I want to hear.” I’m very confused about the next course of action to take with him. He and I had such a wonderful time together before the distance and I know a lot of that had to do with our compatibility.

Now he barely calls and if he does, it’s usually a dull and forced conversation. How can something so powerful and heated go to something lukewarm and stale so quickly? Are Scorpio relationships a bad idea? Are Scorpio men typically like this? I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in his head and why I’m no longer interesting to him. I hope it’s not another woman, but if it is or something similar, how do I handle him when he returns and starts calling again? I’ve got the Scorpio blues. Do ya think you can help? – Sarah

Scorpio is an extreme sign and they don’t like to do anything half-way. That means when two Scorpios hook up, it is a cataclysmic meeting of mind, body and soul, with twice the intensity—much like how it sounded at the beginning of your relationship. However, fast forward to six months later and he’s being evasive and forced, which sounds like his passive-aggressive way of trying to ease out of things. Not to say this is what is really happening, but unless you own up and ask him directly, then you will never know.

As it goes, Scorpio is also the sign of mystery and they aren’t readily able to admit how they feel and it’s only when they are confronted that they start to spill the beans. However, it’s never a guarantee how much a Scorpio reveals when it comes to their emotions, as being vulnerable is not a strong point. As for why he is pulling away, this is something only he can answer and the sooner you ask him, the quicker you can have peace of mind, because if you let things linger, trying to be more appeasing to him as time goes by, you can drive him away even further. Overcompensating isn’t going to help, as giving an apathetic Scorpio more power over you is only asking for trouble.

As it goes, Scorpios are the rulers of power and once they are lured into playing head games, they often can’t refuse and can get too into it, which winds up causing a lot more damage than if someone just owned up to what was happening from the start and cleared up the confusion. Since you are only six months into it, no matter how intense, you still have a chance to salvage the situation before it gets messy. So, own up to your feelings and fight for your man. Show him your strength and power by not letting him treat you this way and pursue answers. He is the only one who can give you what you want, so go for it!

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