W Magazine Says “The Girl Who Eats Her Feelings” Is A Back-To-School Look

“The girl who eats her feelings” is a new trend-setting clique to emulate, says W magazine’s recent piece on back-to-school style. If they were trying to describe the trend of wearing “curve-enhancing dresses worn with plenty of attitude,” why would they call that dressing like “the girl who eats her feelings”? That’s just … being curvy. You’ve heard of biology, W? Genetics? Illness? Curviness and fatness are not a trend. It is a way women are, not a style of dress like “prepster” or “party animal” (the other cliques on the list). As blogger Ximena Ramirez at Care2 writes:

“… labeling ‘curvy’ girls as trendy suggests that being fuller figured is only OK because it is popular right now. As one commentator points out, ‘Glad to know my fat is only OK because it’s trendy.’ What about before this so-called fad emerged or after it runs its course? Will being curvy loss its appeal and become outdated and unfashionable? What happens to this group then?”

What’s more is that I’m not even sure the author knows much about women who aren’t stick-bugs, as the style stars to emulate are Christina Hendricks, Brigitte Bardot, and Beth Ditto. Any style maven worth her Gilt Groupe invitation realizes this list is B.S. Why would anyone list Christina Hendricks and Brigitte Bardot — both pear-shaped — and Beth Ditto — dumpling-shaped — as having the same body type? “Curvy” must mean the same thing to some people as as “fat.”

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