J-Woww And Sammi Catfight On “Jersey Shore”

Can we talk about last night’s “Jersey Shore“? It was CRAZY. The Situation hooked up with the hottie of his dreams, only to kick her out minutes after the deed was done. Snooki got down with Vinnie, and let us know that sex with him was “like putting a watermelon into, like, a pinhole.”

But the craziest part of the episode was the final scene, when J-Woww and Sammi got into a physical fight. (See the first half of it, above.) And I’m not talking a little hair pulling. This was a knock-down, drag-out fight where punches were thrown and the rest of the cast had to jump in to hold them back.So what caused this? The note. Last episode, J-Woww and Snooki decided to type a note to Sammi to let her know about all the instances that Ronnie cheated on her. Sammi told Ronnie it was over—for, like, half an hour. Then, instead of concentrating her anger on him—the one who’d done something wrong—she unleashed it on all the members of the house since no one would tell her they wrote the letter. Her anger was especially directed at J-Woww and Snooki, since she suspected it was from them, but couldn’t get confirmation.

Meanwhile, J-Woww was getting equally as furious with Sammi. She said it was Sammi’s refusal to cook dinner and overall bad attitude, but I think that what she’s really mad about is the fact that she told Sammi exactly what Ronnie had been up to and Sammi still ran back to him.

This fight scene was disturbing; both these girls are like wild animals in it, pouncing on their prey. They are completely willing to physically hurt each other. The fight will be continued next episode, and I would not be surprised if there’s some blood. But the other reason this fight was so disturbing is because both women are so misplacing their anger. They should be angry at Ronnie! He’s the one telling Sam he loved her and asking her to be his girlfriend while meanwhile hooking up with everything with a pulse. He’s the one who didn’t think about how his actions would affect Sammi and the dynamics of everyone in the house.

Also, do you remember back in “The Real World” days when people were forced to leave the house if they raised a hand against a castmate? Why did that policy go down the drain on “Jersey Shore”?