“Hellcats” To Set A Guinness World Record

For the past, oh, 20 years, I have wanted few things more than to set a Guinness World Record. Last year, I determined that the most likely way to do this is by gathering a mass group of people to do an activity together, à la getting the most people dressed as Smurfs to one place. It looks like The CW’s new show “Hellcats” has read my mind. (Which is doubly meta since the show about the rough-and-tumble world of college cheerleaders is based on my book, Cheer!.) To promote the show, which stars Aly Michalka and Asley Tisdale, The CW is holding a world record attempt. TOMORROW. They have invited hundreds of squads to the Frisco Memorial Stadium in Frisco, Texas to participate in a five-minute cheerleading dance. They’ve placed a tutorial of the dance online and are offering a $4,000 reward to the squad who brings the most dancers. To break the record for “Largest Cheerleading Dance” record, The CW needs to gather 300 cheerleaders. But more than 2400 have RSVPed. So it looks like they’ve got it in the bag. We are certainly cheering for them. [Hollywood Reporter]