Gift For Gab: The Best Comments For The Week Of August 27, 2010

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say? You crack us up! Each week in this column, we shout out to our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the internet. And you can get in on the action too. Tell us your favorite comments from this week in the comments! chilosa161 in Kelly Osbourne Makes An Incredibly Deep Statement About Communism After Pussycat Dolls Concert

“Red-scare much? I thought we were past getting nervous when someone expresses interest in Communism. In many European countries, Communist parties are viable political organizations that receive votes each time. Also, there are huge differences between Maoism and the other thousands of incarnations of the ideology. A red hat with a star is just not that big of a deal.”

rocknrollwife in “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Reunion Part 1: A Study In Subtext

“I cannot look away from this show. I’ll admit, I’m sad to see Danielle go because as awful as she is, she is so entertaining. Best part was when she claimed to NOT be a stage mom. Right. She throws a party to celebrate her daughter’s modeling career and doesn’t invite her daughter. She keeps making her ‘songwriter’ daughter practice, practice, practice! Although as long as Teresa sticks around and keeps dressing her kids like rejects from a local production of the “Nutcracker,” I’ll keep watching. Those poor things…”

Slax in Today In Terribleness: Tiger Cub Found In Luggage At Bangkok Airport

“*disclaimer: I in no way condone any animal abuse and find this smuggling terrible, and hope that the smuggler is charged fully*

That said. I would love to be the inspector who FOUND the tiger cub, cause then you’d have 3-5 free minutes of tiger cub cuddling before handing him over to the proper wildlife officials! I’m thrilled the little guy is okay, and I hope he lives a wonderful life, be it re-released into the wild or at a well managed big cat wildlife rescue home.”

RoyalEagle0408 in Quick Pic: MJ And Lady G For V

“Is it wrong that my first thought was ‘That’s not Michael Jordan. Or Michael Jackson’?”

LadyMacBeth in Choose Your Weapon: Hurt Couture’s Killer Jewelry

“I find this idea highly amusing. My bridesmaids all had bodice daggers as their way of ‘matching’ since their dresses were all different. They were made for me by a close friend who had learned to make daggers and the like out of old silverware settings he found at yard sales. Of course my favorite was his Flying Frisbee of Death, which he made out of a trio of cleavers he found at a flea market. So yes, I’d stick one of this designer’s belt buckles in my Amazon wish list. Of course I’d need to remember not to accidentally end up in Massachusetts, but I generally try to avoid going there anyway.”

ReadingIsFundamental in The Situation’s Financial Situation

“Don’t worry. No amount of cash will last more than 5 years with these clowns, and that’s at the outside. Then we’ll have some kind of ‘Return to Jersey Shore’ show where they’ve blown all their cash and are on the lam from creditors and lawyers. Maybe it can feature Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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