Did Kanye West “Steal” Selita Ebanks From Maxwell?

See the woman sitting next to Kanye West with her finger to her lips at the US Open? Well, that’s model Selita Ebanks trying to look incognito. The word on Media Takeout is that Kanye “stole” Selita from singer Maxwell, her boyfriend of almost six months. And supposedly Maxwell is so angry that he’s threatened to kick Kanye’s pompous ass the next time they meet, at least according to a MTO “snitch.”The interesting aspect of all of this is that Maxwell, Kanye, and Selita all run in the same circle. So instead of looking at this as a betrayal between bros, as MTO would leave you to believe, let’s consider that Selita and Kanye aren’t engaging in any PDAs and actually look like two friends enjoying some tennis. It’s not like they could have expected to have some privacy at the US Open. If they were trying to creep, then that would be the last place they’d want to be.

Also, let’s address this whole idea of Kanye “stealing” Selita. She’s not property, so there’s no way a theft happened. It’s time for MTO to step into the real world where women can decide whom they want to be with.