Happy 9/02/10 Day: What Does Your Favorite “Beverly Hills, 90210″ Character Say About You?

In our ongoing desire to bring you the latest in 9/02/10 Day coverage, we give you a breakdown of what your favorite “Beverly Hills, 90210″ character says about you. Let the head shrinking begin, after the jump …

What Your Favorite “Beverly Hills 90210″ Character Says About You

You’re kind of insufferable and self-righteous. And even though nobody would say it to your face, you make everyone else look morally vacuous. Which is annoying.

Look, you might be kind of a bitch, but you have really great bangs.

You’re a hooker with a heart of gold. Emphasis on hooker. You’re also prone to drama, and it seems like some days so much bad crap is happening to you — fires and drug problems and such — that you should probably stay inside. No, really, maybe you should.

You are a total bonerkiller and a bit of a prude. You might want to get out from under your overbearing mom’s thumb if you really want to live.

You’re brooding, sensitive and have a major James Dean fetish. You’re a bit anachronistic and people have a hard time believing that you’re as old as you say you are. You sometimes have trouble making difficult decisions, probably due to your effed-up childhood and hair gel addiction.

You’re insecure and eager to please. Take a chill pill.

You’re sort of pervy and a little bit hot-headed. Maybe you need to lay off the recreational Viagra, buddy, and try some meditation.

You seem like a total good girl, but you have a deeply rebellious side that desperately needs to be fostered. You also might have an unhealthy preoccupation with hair mousse and wire-rimmed frames..

You’re scheming, conniving and possibly a tad psychotic — all the things that make you total man-bait.