Happy 9/02/10 Day: “I’d Like To Exchange An Egg.”

It only happens once in a lifetime. 90210 Day — aka September 2, 2010. In honor of this holiest of holy days, we’ll be posting clips from some of our favorite episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210.” You’re welcome, bro.

The West Bev gang was always getting into trouble and learning valuable life lessons. In this rave-tastic episode from “Bev Hills 90210″‘s second season, Brandon’s bleached-blond “bad girl” gal pal Emily Valentine takes the gang on a wacky egg-induced rave-venture. Emily takes them to a rave crack den, and then slips Brandon a dose of U4EA, which is basically Ecstasy in “90210”-land. Hi-jinks and car crashes ensue, and the gang learns that drugs are no joke.

Click here to watch the full “U4EA” episode.