69-Year-Old Grandma Shoots Intruder With Her .38 Special

It was 3 a.m. when a robber decided to invade 69-year-old Ethel Jones’ home. The Decatur, Ga. grandmother told the Decatur Daily she heard the intruder at her back door and then her front, and she thought someone was trying to get inside. The robber eventually removed an air conditioner from a window to gain access to Jones’ home. But he picked the wrong lady to rob. Jones sleeps with a loaded .38 pistol under a pillow next to her when she is home alone. Jones saw the intruder when she walked out of her bathroom. She says he was holding a pen light near her bedroom. “I shot three times and he ran away hollering,” said Jones, who used to go to target practice with her former husband.

Police quickly determined that 18-year-old Michael O’Neal Bynum, a neighbor of Jones’, was a suspect. He is in stable condition at the hospital after being treated for a gunshot wound to his abdomen. Bynum was on probation for a previous burglary conviction, and will be charged with second-degree burglary and held without bail. Maybe the pain of Jones’ bullet will finally make him learn his lesson. [Black Voices]