15 Positions You Never Want Him To See You In

This past weekend, I headed to the Catskills with some friends, including a super hot dude. I also happened to have my period. I was in the bathroom changing my tampon, thinking about how, like, unbecoming a position one has to take in order to put in a tampon and how it would be MORTIFYING if the hot dude walked in. It’s just one of many oddly embarrassing and awkward positions that, really, you don’t ever want a dude to see you in — not a crush, a boyfriend, a husband, no one. Check out 15 more, after the jump …

  1. Tweezing nipple hairs
  2. Seeing a baby come out of your vagina. Says one Frisky staffer: “My husband, if we’re lucky enough to have a baby one day, can stand on the other end while I’m pushing the sucker out.”
  3. Having ex sex in a moment of weakness
  4. Doing the happy baby pose while getting your ass crack waxed
  5. Squeezing ingrown bikini hairs
  6. Getting wasted at his family reunion
  7. Pressing a panty liner into place
  8. Finding out he’s friends with someone you’ve already slept with
  9. Wiping, particularly after #2
  10. Scratching or shaking out dandruff
  11. Emotional eating
  12. Picking your nose … and eating it (not that I do this)
  13. Scrubbing the period stains out of your underwear.
  14. Running out of gas or something equally preventable and stereotypically “girly”
  15. Going through his box of private photos, searching for photos of his ex-girlfriend

Got any others to add?