Woman Dies In Ex-Boyfriend’s Chimney

You may have done some insane things to win back an ex-boyfriend, but we’re betting you’ve never done anything as crazy as Californian woman Jacquelyn Kotarac, who tried to get into her ex-boyfriend’s house by wriggling down the damn chimney. The only problem? Jacquelyn got stuck on the way down and DIED. Jacquelyn, who, just so you know, was a DOCTOR, was in a major fight with her on-again off-again man, William Moodie. The pair got into an argument and Kotarac first tried entering Moodie’s house with a shovel before climbing the ladder to the roof and trying to pull a Santa Claus. Her body was found wedged into the chimney by an unfortunate house-sitter, who noticed “a stench and fluids” coming from the chimney flue (POOR HOUSE-SITTER). Said her ex Moodie, “She had her issues — she had her demons — but I never lost my respect for her.” [AOL Weird News]

Tell us: What’s the weirdest, craziest thing you’ve ever done in an argument with an ex?