What’s Up With Those Virginity Hotline Billboards?

Billboards have been popping up nationwide forcing motorists to ponder the question, “Still a virgin?” Well, some don’t seem too open to responding, because already local politicians and news networks are demanding that the cheeky advertisements be taken down. But, uh, what are they for? It turns out the mighty signs are flash marketing created by Sony Pictures for the movie “The Virginity Hit.” The film is about friends on a quest to de-blossom their uninitiated friend. If you call the help line, you get connected to a recorded message from the cast of the film quipping about ways to cash in the v-card and asking you to visit the movie’s website. Kind of disappointing. Whether the billboards remain up or not, they have done their job. The featured phone number has already gotten 70,000 calls in five days. [Deadline New York]