Gay Couples In Texas Can’t Get Divorced

Texan conservatives need to make up their mind—first they banned gay marriage, then they accidentally banned straight marriage by writing, “This state … may not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage” and leaving out the gay part. Now they’re banning gay divorce! You would think that they would be psyched at the chance to keep a homosexual couple apart, but the decision reads, “A person does not and cannot seek a divorce without simultaneously asserting the existence and validity of a lawful marriage. Texas law, as embodied in our constitution and statutes, requires that a valid marriage must be a union of one man and one woman, and only when a union comprises one man and one woman can there be a divorce under Texas law.” This is super inconvenient for the Dallas couple who got legally married in Massachusetts four years ago and want to get divorced now. The two men aren’t satisfied with the court’s agreement that their marriage can be declared “void,” because they need to resolve spousal support and property issues. The court is also trying to appeal another gay divorce case which had been granted last year. One of the women involved in that case said, “We didn’t ask for a marriage; we simply asked for the courtesy of divorce.” But the court decided that they “lack the legal authority to grant divorces to same-sex couples.”

Since when did a lack of authority keep Texans from doing anything? And you’d think that those who are against gay marriage would enjoy hearing that they are not always successful and might try to pull an “I told you so” out of it. But seriously, it’s bad enough that the courts have denied homosexual citizens the right to marry, but it’s a total dick move to deny them the ability to divorce. Divorcing is a right that should belong to every American and to force two people to stay in an unhappy marriage is unconstitutional and just plain mean. [Newser]