Rachel Uchitel Feels Healed By “Celebrity Rehab”

Rachel Uchitel has had a rocky road on “Celebrity Rehab.” She agreed to do the show to deal with her Ambien addiction and “emotional issues,” which most people assumed to mean her tendency to get involved with married and famous men—she was linked not only to Tiger Woods but also David Boreanaz. But in late July, she abruptly left the show after an intense therapy session and checked into a hotel. She returned less than 24 hours later, after hearing pleas from the producers and co-stars Janice Dickinson, Eric Roberts (bro of Julia), and Jason Wahler (of “The Hills”). The freak-out was apparently over having to talk about her father, who died of a cocaine overdose when she was 15.

Last week, Rachel visited the site of another trauma with Dr. Drew. She made the trek to Ground Zero. In 2001, Uchitel was engaged to banker James O’Grady, who was killed in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. A famous photo of Uchitel shows her holding a flyer, in tears, trying to find him. She had a breakdown two years later. She told the NY Times, “I felt like everyone else had forgotten about it. I was resentful.”

A source tells Radar that the trip to Ground Zero was therapeutic for Rachel. “The visit was extremely emotional for Rachel, but it did give her a sense of closure, as much as someone can have that has lost someone under such horrific circumstances,” the source said.

And Rachel herself is glad that she went back to “Celebrity Rehab.” She said, “Doing this show ‘Celebrity Rehab’ was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has given me an opportunity to deal with some major trauma I’ve held onto for years. Nothing about it was a ‘show’ for me.”

It feels a little intrusive to watch, but I think seeing someone have that kind of emotional growth will be very rewarding.

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