Crazy Justin Bieber Fans Threaten And Harass Teen “Defector”

Sydney Dalton was a Justin Bieber fan, but, like many teenagers, her tastes evolved and one day she and a few of her friends declared they were “over” the pop star in a YouTube video. In a truly, uh, punk rock move, they filmed themselves tearing down their Bieber posters. Anarchy! Of course, also like many teenagers, Dalton was only down on her idol for, like, a second, and deleted the video after she apparently decided she was into the Biebs again. But diehard Bieber fans were not amused by her “defection,” however momentary. Dalton has been harassed via Twitter so vehemently that her name became a trending topic, along with the copiously used hashtag #SlutneyDalton, and she’s even received death threats. Um, kids these days?According to Jezebel, even though her video (and anti-Bieber phase) were only around briefly, the story picked up steam as “rumors spread on Twitter that [Dalton] and Bieber were dating, that she was asked to be in his 3D movie, that he sang ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ to her at a recent Madison Square Garden concert, that she got free tickets to his concerts, that she called Justin a fag and told him it was his fault his parents had split.”

Prior to this incident, Dalton already had 10,000 followers, mostly from within the Bieber fan community, but she’s gained 7,000 more. In addition to nasty and profanity-laden messages directed at her on Twitter, fans of Bieber have also posted response videos on YouTube, slamming the teen for daring to turn on the singer. One video features a teen girl saying she would hit Dalton “in the f**king face with a full wine bottle,” while multiple other videos feature fans ripping up photos of Dalton herself.

As Jezebel notes in their post on the subject, Dalton has remained remarkably restrained with her own response, tweeting to her followers: “Can you all focus more attention on a hurricane that can kill people rather then talking about wanting to kill me? Thanks,” and “Thanks to everyone defending me : ) I really do appreciate it. I’m just not gonna let these HATERS ruin my day. Love you all.” She, unlike these other twerps, sounds like the kind of fan Bieber would be proud of. [Jezebel]